Friday, April 23, 2010

random friday

Yesterday was a wild day for tornadoes in the midwest!
We got by with thunderstorms...
and more to come.
Tis the season.
Yesterday was our quilt guild meeting...
...lecture was about crazy quilting.
Lots of fun detail...I love detail.
...and I learned quite a bit.

But the quilts were not the only thing knocking our socks off.
Check out Kay Z's car!

She made a quilt she really loves....

....and covered her car in it.
That's one wild ride.
Way to go...
...or is it way to sew ?
Have a great weekend!
It's Art Fest weekend in OKC


priti.lisa said...

That paint job is phenominal!
How in the world????
I love your new bag...simple, yet, at the same time detailed.
Keepsafe :)

Jennifer DeDonato said...

She could totally be in the Houston Art Car Parade I just blogged about...wonderful!