Wednesday, July 20, 2011

art group project

For some unknown reason my computer won't let me center my sentences anymore. It's also doing some weird spacing that I cannot control.

This is my front page of the "ME" book. I used some wire, yarn, pipe cleaner, a metal S, clothing tag and pinned on a random leaf.

Another page that I need to add a photo to. I am printing all of my photo's on fabric.

This page was so much fun. I have been having a blast using Pam Carriker's new Faces stamp. I stamped these then went over the outline with black thread on the machine. The empty space will hold a photo.

And of course a heart page. I'll just randomly stick a photo somewhere on this page.

These pages will be continued at our next meeting next month.

Have a great something creative!

Geez now I can't even change font color or size! Help!!

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Maura said...

i REALLY like this project you're working on..... Love the face stamps and stitching around them is very cool! Hope it cools down around there..... as you know we are toast here in Oklahoma..... XOXOX