Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last weeks sewing fest

Last week was a great week for creating!

First was quilt guild meeting on Tuesday. A great lecture from Linda Hahn. She is one funny lady from New York....she kept us in stitches.

Day two was a class with Linda. The New York Beauty. I love this block. So it was a fun day with friends and I learned a few things.

This is my first block. I decided to make mine with bright colors in the scrappy style.

Day three was the community sewing get together where I met some more neighbors. We decided to keep working on the beauties.

Day four was the local art group. Our project is to make a fabric journal book with photographs. First page had to have our picture on it. I printed mine on fabric and my printer ran out of pink ink and even tho I was printing in black, some blue showed up and made it interesting.

I'll post that page tomorrow.


Sharon said...

Love that top block and the fabric is so ME. You are so lucky to have all the fun stuff to do with other fun people.

suze said...

Thanks Sharon. Yes,I consider myself to be very lucky.