Friday, October 26, 2007

is summer over?

My poor sunflower says yes. We had a heavy frost this morning and it pretty much zapped out most of the morning glories. I took a bunch of the vines and made a wreath with them. Had to recycle! The days are still pretty warm but the nights and mornings are COLD! I'm not's time.
I am busy getting ready for my trip to the Houston Quilt show next week. I am sooo excited! More than 2,000 quilts, around 400 classes and 1,100 vendors! I just can not imagine. It's going to be like dying and going to fabric heaven.
Have a great weekend.


Sharon said...

Hey, is it just me or what? This dang dead sunflower is georgeous. Maybe it's you too or you wouldn't have taken a photo.

tascha said...

Oh that fabric show sounds like lots of fun! The weather has finally changed here too. It puts me in the christmas spirit already!