Sunday, October 14, 2007

really old art

OK, so I have been busy doing my Fall cleaning. I not only got the studio done, I did the whole house. So I am having a little art withdrawl and will start something new today, YAY!
Since I didn't have any new art to post I thought I would show you an old painting I did when I was 15. It was my first watercolor.


Holly Stinnett said...

Your first watercolor is beautiful. I'm so happy I found your blog. Your studio is fabulous! I loved looking at all the wonderful details and fun things! The rug you made is gorgeous!!

You asked how to change your profile photo. The easiest way I've found is to upload a picture to, then right click on the picture and go into the properties section and highlight and copy the address and paste it into the area of your profile that calls for the address of your new photo. It should work!

Have a wonderful weekend.


suze said...

Thanks Holly!

Blogspot Directory said...

Hi there, thanks for your comment.
I really liked your blog and I have added you under the art section.