Monday, October 8, 2007

still in the studio

Still cleaning the studio, but making progress. You can sit on the couch now. This is my embossing section by the window. I also work on my glass here.

I put this little fabric college together yesterday (while cleaning up) I thought Kasey looked so cute with his two front teeth missing.
Tomorrow....who knows? It's bowling day.


Cre8Tiva said... beautiful is that studo my dear...mine is still in boxes...and only a little carved our space to paint...someday (wistful)...blessings, rebecca

BlueJude said...

What a wonderful collage! And a beautiful memento!

Marc said...

Nice studio!

Very interesting that you brought up hooked rugs the other day as I was mentioning to the boys that we should look into getting them started on some.

I think I still have the one that Mam Mom got me started on, the one with the Chevy Logo you drew the pattern for.

Great memories!

tascha said...

Your studio is so much fun! Like a kid in a candy store. So many fun things to make stuff with.