Monday, November 26, 2007

cityscape 07

I made a couple of these college paintings back in the 70's and found out that my nephew, Marc still has them and they are hanging in his home. He said he would like to have an updated one (now that he is married and has a family) so I made this for him. I thought I had some photo's of the process along the way but now I can't seem to find them. Anyway, I used to just make them on old boards and now I buy the white shelves that they sell at Home Depot and Lowes. I first paint the board, then section it into squares and paint them different (building) colors.

Then the fun begins (actually the fun begins when you start collecting the stuff to put on them.)You need a list from the person, of family and friends names and interests. Then you create a store or company for that person. For dimension and texture I use smaller boards for buildings and in the picture below you can see I used a ruler for a building. For a really cool texture I like to get the textured paint chips from the store and run it thru the sticker maker. Then I use whatever! The flag waving below is an old 4 cent stamp. Another stamp is used for an Organ Donation billboard.
I use old tickets, metal pieces, postage stamps, ect. Once you get started your mind just takes over. I even have a mini work of art (on my shop) by Tascha, a wonderful, new favorite artist of mine. Thanks Tascha!
A new technique I used this time was to put clear embossing powder on for windows. I used an eraser in a square shape as my stamp. Back in the 70's, I had to search magazines to find names and such, but today you can just create them with the computer.
So that's it. An old art brought back. One down and four to go, and it's easier to do them all at once.

This is the finished city. Click on for a larger view.


Sharon said...

Looks like fun. Cool idea to use shelf. veddy veddy smart

see you there! said...

An interesting and original idea. Clever to use shelf as you "canvas" too.


kizam said...

cool!!! i love collages and you are very good at them...your photos are great...glad you are back from the east..thanks for seeing my new site..this is so fun. i am meeting so many sisters from suziblu's site...and it is soooooooo inspiring.
have a great week sweetpea....

zorana said...

What a wonderful idea! I love how it looks. The fact that it is personalized makes it even more special.