Wednesday, November 14, 2007

paper quilt journal

OK, Sorry I couldn't finish this yesterday but I didn't finish the journal until today. And Blogger tends to be funny about letting me print more than 3 pictures at a time. I believe I had two more steps to go. After putting the photo's on the pages made from paper towels, let them dry and stitch around the pictures. I use the sewing machine.(it does not hurt the machine) Then put holes on the ends and put the pages in the order you want them to be in.

You can also texturize your page edges with those scissor's that make fancy edges. I just cut some of my papers differently. I also left the threads loose on the ends ( I noticed that Traci Bautista did this) it makes it interesting.

I have a box of pipe cleaners that are wrapped with yarns (things I do while watching (listening) to TV). I used these to hold the pages together. ( you can also use those clip rings from the stationary store)

Then the FUN part! Get out your boxes of ribbons and yarns and just go crazy cutting them up!

I then wrap them with the pipe cleaners so that the twisted part is in the back and then just smoosh them down and voila! It's done.
So, the pages are on the top, and I have pictures on both sides. And then the finished journal.


Susan said...

Really neat! What a clever idea. Also love your '56. I have a '68 camero convertible. My husband and I are into muscle cars. Happy Day! Susan

Sharon said...

Hi there, I passed by really really late last night. Enjoyed seeing this little journal. I can't imaging the paper towel thing but with your little tut I might put that on my wish to do list.

suze said...

Hi ladies, thanks for the nice comments. The paper towels are easy peasy! I forgot to mention that I use the stonger Viva towels.They end up feeling more like a thin plastic.
suze :)