Tuesday, November 13, 2007

paper towel art

Step 1- Paint your paper towels. I use acrylic paints and water them down pretty good. I even use my paint water when it's a pretty color.
Step 2- Dry the towels. I use my handy photo holder thingie.
Step 3- Once dry, iron the towels.
Step 4- Use stamps on the towels if desired. I like to use the foam stamps on these.
Step 5- Cut towels to the size you want. I cut mine in an 8 inch square.
Step 6- Coat with decoupage medium. I prefer Aleen's.
Step 7- Once dry, coat the other side of towel. Or not, you can sew two pages together, back to back. It all depends on how thick you want it to be. I have done both.(no preference)
While my page was wet I adhered a photo. I printed my photo's on a medium weight paper.

Cut to size.
Dried and ironed.
I made my journal pages with pictures I took of my many favorite quilts at the Houston show.
Tomorrow I will show you the last couple steps and the journal all put together.
Update on the new cityscape painting/college. It's done! And I decided to hold off showing it until the lucky recipient (that would be you, Marc!) gets to see it first.
More tomorrow.
suze :)


Sharon said...

Oh dear, all I need is one more thing to do. I wanna see the results of the photos on these.

BlueJude said...

Geez Louise couldn't ya just show us today? lol I will definately be back to see the results! Happy Wednesday!