Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I arrived in Maryland and it was snowing. Really pretty.
I came back home to Oklahoma (barely) and we had this ice storm. That is all ice on the ground. Not so pretty. We just got our TV, phone and INTERNET back today...YaY! We were lucky to only lose power for 8 hours. A lot of people are still without electric.

I made this quilt for my great niece/God-daughter for her 13th Birthday. The jeans were mostly hers and her Mom saved them from when she first started to wear jeans as a baby. On the flip side is cotton squares....hand picked from my stash. It was a huge hit at her party. The girls snuggled under the quilt and watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. For party favors we took jean pockets (cut from pants) and filled them with goodies.


zorana said...

My daughter will be 13 this month, but she will not receive anything like that amazing quilt. What a treasure!!! She is a lucky girl!

Sharon said...

So happy you made it back safely. Global warming is needed up you way. The jean quilt is smashing but the pocket favors is just plain clever.