Sunday, December 2, 2007


When I was back home at Thanksgiving, I played the Barbie game with my great niece. I had this game as a child and just seeing this game again brought back so many memories. It was kinda weird.I remember getting my first Barbie doll, which WAS the first Barbie. At first I was so disappointed because they were sold out and my Mom got me the Babs doll instead. She was a cheap imitation at only $1.00 whereas the real Barbie sold at $3.00. Then I got the real deal and I still have her, along with the fuzzy head Ken and red bubble head Barbie.
My DH is always hounding me because I never throw anything away and we have moved numerous times and everything still goes with us.

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tascha said...

HI Suze! That's a cute story!
I will be sending you the *right* blue bird first thing tomorrow :)
Plus a bonus print to make things right.