Friday, March 5, 2010

random friday

Do you have a lucky number?

...mine is 4.

I don't know why.

Maybe because it was my father's lucky number.

I find that I favor even numbers.

I always take or use things in even numbers.

Is this a weird thing?

I wish 4 you to have a great weekend!


Jacky said...

I dont know why, but favourite numbers are #7 and #13.

You have a wonderful weekend too!

Jacky xox

Corinne said...

Absolutely not weird....well maybe then I'm weird too!! LOL Anyway, my favorite number is 8, always has been and I always take things or count things or anything that has to do with #'s...I do it with even numbers. Have a great weekend! Thanks for making me smile!

Rella said...

I feel that 3,5,7,13 have been good numbers for me. Nothing to back that all. Great question.

Have a wonderful day, my friend.

xox Rella