Monday, November 10, 2008

weekend update

The Girlie Show is a once a year art show done completely by girlies.

Here is my half of the weekend. I attended the Girlie Show and Friday night party with friends. Thanks to Debbie for an interesting ride. We had great fun. There was lots of food to sample from area restaurants and plenty of funky art.

.... it was jam packed...

I had to have this bracelet from a company called Vintage Found Object Jewerly. She makes the coolest jewelry from bits and pieces of old jewelry and mens belt buckles...all sorts of interesting stuff. I picked up this piece and could not put it down. That rose is done in a tiny petite point embroidery. And another fun thing is that all of the pieces come attached to an old vintage photograph.

Here is DH's half of the weekend. We went to the Weather Festival in Norman. He is a weather buff and missed his calling on career choice. We saw Dorothy and others.

The National Weather Center building was quite impressive.

They had a array of storm chaser vehicles on display.

And some had some pretty intense hail damage.

And we saw our local TV weather persons signing autographs.
Here is Rick Mitchell in his jeans.

Then Sunday was spent sewing bagz and getting ready for my next art project.

Have a great week!


Tina said...

I SO wanted to go to the Girlie show..but it didn't work out for me..what else did you see??

debbie musick said...

We did have fun & the getting there was an adventure. Thanks for being my "date". The Weather Festival looks like fun, too. You had a big weekend, didn't you?