Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Barbie is 50

It happens to all of us at some point...the big five OH! Now Barbie is 50 and dang she still looks great!

I remember when she first arrived on the scene (now I am showing MY age!) I was heart broken.....they were sold out when my Mom went to purchase one for me. They were $3.00 and to console me until they were restocked, my Mom bought me a Babs doll. She was a mere $1.50 and made of a cheaper plastic and just didn't have the wow factor that the real Barbie had.

But I did get my Barbie and she had the original blond ponytail. My next doll was the red head bubble cut Barbie and of course I had the fuzzy headed Ken to keep them company. And I still have them....I told you I keep everything!


Susan said...

When I reached my teens, I gave all my Barbies to my best friend's little sister. Remorsefully, I realized what I had done about a year later, but they were gone. I remember all of them so fondly. I was definitely a Barbie Girl.

Sharon said...

I remember too but I was too old for Barbie until my daugher came along.