Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fool

Can it really be April already? Yep, and I would love to fool someone but there's no one here. I tried to change my header for this month and it won't let me so I guess that's my april fools gag from Blogger....maybe later.

Are you having a bad hair day? Just plop a huge bow on your head and be on your way. Just another page from the junque journal. I am teaching the class again at a new place and I will fill you in on that news's my favorite place to go in MD.

The first thing I do when I buy fabric is get it home and wash it. Some people do and some don't. I like to get the sizing and chemicals out. Then there are no surprises after I make something with it and wash it. I was putting this stash away and thought it looked so pretty so I grabbed the trusty camera and took a pic to show you. It was a real rainbow in my basket.....happy colors!

And on that note I have gotten so many nice responses about the quilts I've been showing...I thought I would throw in another favorite. You know I love the pinks in this bridge scene.
That's it for today...hope you don't get fooled ....and have a wonderful wednesday!


Susan said...

I love fabric, almost as much as I love paper. I think I'm going to go play with my stash. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. By the way, did you know that all the crayons in your banner are broken?


suze said...

You almost had me there!

Sharon said...

You are a fabriaholic. That green butterfly inspires me.

yep....they are broken

suze said...

No they are not!
The butterfly is Tina Givens..I love her designs.
And I do admit to being a fabriholic....I got it from my Mom.