Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday was a great mail day for me....a check from the dentist instead of a bill... AND a signed photo from Kat Von D!

If you remember back on March 8th I had wished her a happy B-Day along with my daughter, Brandy. Well, I had also made her a special birthday card and it looks like she really liked it...so cool! She is the best!

I took this photo last night as the storm was rolling in. Someone else got the same shot and they showed it on TV on Rick's weather last night. I never think to send my pic's in....duh!

...and then it quickly turned into this. It was a nice storm and we enjoyed it. I know....you think we are on the crazy side. We both come from a family of storm lovers...in fact DH missed his calling as a weather person. And yes, we have been called the Addams family.
Any way...a nice storm is when you can enjoy the rain and hail, thunder and lightning and not lose power.
...have a great day!


Carmen said...

*sigh* I love, love, love storms like that. I grew up in Eastern Kansas. We had the BEST storms ever. lol I really miss them.

Thanks for the great pictures and for prompting a trip down memory lane.

tascha said...

That's great that Kat sent you a signed pic!
You know, I did go see her when she was in town. I didn't get a chance to get her to sign anything, but I saw her there in the bookstore.
I hope the weather settles down a bit!