Thursday, March 5, 2009

a few new pages

Just thought I would show a few more pages of the junk journal.... favorite cherubs having a good time....

...another page of the mannequin catalog...I just removed the body altered bingo card...

...the substrate for this page is a book cover from a Tim Holtz item. Then I threw a seed packet in the background....I think I told you I never throw anything away (I have had that for years...I just like the way it looks. And in the little window...a photo of moi.
I am tired of last week, doctor yesterday, cat scan tomorrow and can you believe it? More doctors next week.
It's going to be hot today. It is only 11:51 am and it's a balmy 73. Supposed to be in the 80's. I had the AC on in the car yesterday.
Stay cool!


Susan said...

Tell that old doctor to give you a balloon or a sucker, or something. Take care, Susan

suze said...

Oh, he did offer me a blow-pop.

Francy said...

such cute little guys!

Good luck tomorrow.

Blog Artists said...

Hey Pink...sorry you didn't win those was a tough one, I felt like I was taking forever to find the right image.
Love your Blog, you're very talented!
I'll be back...I'm now a follower!