Monday, March 16, 2009


Not so good to be....Had an appointment at the periodontist to see about having some tooth implants done. After hearing about having to have some bone added, a gum graft and sinus lift I practically ran out of there screaming! Not to mention it was going to cost almost $4000.00 more than I was quoted.

On a good note, I went to Dallas on Friday to a quilt show and I will show some of my favorites here. Above is a quilt made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics...I think I have them all. Just need the time to put them together. Love his stuff.

This one blew me away. I put my fingers in there to show how small these pieces are. Don't look at my unmanicured nails but do notice the sweet ribbon roses.

...another masterpiece...

...and this one just made me feel happy...maybe it's the pinks.
...see you tomorrow....


Susan said...

Yikes, I know the drill (pardon the pun). My hubby has had bone and skin grafts and is in line to have two more implants soon. He hasn't had a sinus lift, but they did lift his gum line in the front. He has spread his dental work out over about 7-8 years. It doesn't hurt the wallet quite so much when it's done that way. Staying healthy is expensive, as you well know. The quilts are fantastic. Such talent. Take care, Susan

debbie musick said...

I think that is why I hate dentists and have only gone when I hurt. Even with insurance, it is out of sight. I have wanted to have the implants, but I know they would find hundreds of other procedures I need and it just is more than I can grasp.

Those quilts are amazing! I don't quilt, but I love them so much!

canngil said...

wonderful quilts! you were lucky to get out there to see it.
you gotta keep up your teeth and gums or it will only get horribly worse.....It does get better.

Zorana said...

I'm sorry about the costly/scary dentist news! I'll find out what my dentist says about implants next week. I think I'll run out of there screaming, just like you. Those quilts are amazing! Thanks for showing them.