Monday, March 2, 2009

a neat idea

This is the sweet pillow I bought on Sandy's Etsy shop. I love her art and she has been cranking out these pillows and I want every one of them. Click on and check her out.

Here is the neat idea I promised to tell about. Last week I was in the Big Lots store and in the paint department they had full size wall rollers made with bubble wrap. know how I love making textures with bubble wrap. But these rollers were way too big for my art projects.
Just then the light bulb came on and I had the bright idea of using a lint roller (and who doesn't have a million of those around the house?) So I went home and cut a piece of b-wrap and applied it to the sticky roller...voila! Then my mind took off and I was adding other texture makers like different shelf liners and so on. It's great for changing colors too. Just peel off and add another piece.

Today I get to finish up some projects and then I can play in the studio (yes, Debi...your bag!)

....have a pink crayon day...
ox suze


Ronnie said...

Dang! You need to patent that sucker!
I have Sandy's other sweater girl pillow! What good taste we have.

Ronnie said...

I used to do faux finishes, murals and stencilling. These people types would go wild over your invention.

Sandy Mastroni said...

SUZE thanks for posting my pillow
and YOUR quilt face is fantastic !
Lola's work is amazing
thank you Suze

Sharon said...

Yes yes yes. Brilliant! I will be getting me one of those lint things. I must be the only person who has none.
And love the new banner.

Susan said...

I agree, you should patent this idea. In the meantime, I am saying thank you, because I will certainly try this tip. I am also digging on your new banner. Take care, Susan

City.Girl.Em said...

Love your new banner! Good idea with the roller. Great for adding textures to paintings!


Zorana said...

Love the banner! And the pillow! And other pillows and paintings in her etsy shop. And I think your idea is wonderful! I'll finally have a use for the lint thing! It lives a sad life in my car... but will be transferred to my studio today. Thank you!

Jacky said...

Suze what a fabulous tip...thanks so much for sharing.

I absolutely love your new header!!!

Jacky xox