Monday, March 9, 2009

auto artz

Car lovin' is more like it....

We went to the car show over the weekend to check out the new Camaro (above) everyone in the place was gathered around it. It was sweeet! But not so comfy and like our old Camaro it was low to the ground and not so great for getting in and out of.....Sooooo

...we also checked out the new Challenger. Soft and comfy seats and larger. It felt like little arms coming out and hugging you. I fell in love with it. So after lunch we decided to go and test drive one. Big mistake....DH and I never come out of a dealership and not purchase a new car. So why should Saturday be any different?

Here is my new baby!

I can't believe it. It's a six speed on the floor and has a ton of horsepower. I squeeled the wheels today and I wasn't even trying. This could be trouble for me.
OK now back to the art tomorrow.


Francy said...

That is one beautiful baby :o)

debbie musick said...

I am jealous! But did you keep the HRH?

Susan said...

Way to go!!! Congrats! Susan

suze said...

Thanks all! And yes I kept the HHR panel.