Thursday, January 3, 2008

crab art & recipe books

My grandson, Kasey and I had fun doodling on the paper tablecloth while waiting for our Christmas eve crabs to arrive. They were yummy!
A gift I decided to make for all the women in the family this year was recipe books. I made these from children's board books. Sanded and painted and decoupaged on the inside with favorite family and friend recipes.

Yep, some of these recipe cards (I made photo copies of the original recipe cards) are about to fall apart and are pretty stained with past ingredients. But a lot of them are in my Mom's handwriting.

I also embellished the pages with picture's of favorite dishes, shopping lists and kitcheny items.
Another reason I made the books were so these recipes could be handed down and not gotten lost.
I think everyone liked their books and I got some requests for others to be made.
I want one too.
Now my girls can make their own Christmas cookies and since I am no longer in the area...someone else must master making the famous family potato salad!


Sharon said...

You are so clever. What a wonderful idea. I'm writing this one down in my inspiration journal so I won't forget. I have a whole stack of board books just waiting. Someday, I'm gonna do this.

Marc said...

You know, there are some men in your family that enjoy cooking and baking as well *wink*

Every Christmas morning I make ebelskiver from Mam-mom's recipe. It is becoming a tradition.

I make them every once in a while throughout the year as well, but Christmas morning is a must - my homage to Mam-mom.

suze said...

Yes, I was told on Christmas that you would love to have one.So when I make mine I will make yours. That is a cool tradition(the ebelskiver) and I wanted to include that recipe and found it had slipped under the counter...when I was finished.But it will be in your book and send me any others that you may want included.Every time we move, Bill finds the ebelskiver pan and asks when am I ever going to use it....2008! I will!add it to my growing list.

HollyJennifer said...

Nice try Mom. You know Marc's comment about his tradition...well it is your tradition to provide your wonderful children and grandchildren with your delicious cookies. I tried, I just can't do it like you can!!! I guess I will try again next year. Big thanks for the cookies!!! Always a big hit. I made the famous cheesecake for a New Years party, and it turned out perfect!!!

red tin heart said...

i wish i was in your family! lucky girls. xoxo nita