Monday, January 28, 2008

a little weekend art

I wasn't feeling real good this Sunday (sore throat and feel a cold coming on) but I managed to play with my alcohol inks some more and made these puzzle pieces...they were fun to do.
And this is my first attempt at putting bees wax on a painting. I just painted a simple cupcake to try it out. It's painted on a wooden block. The frosting had too much texture ( I used expanding paint) but I see where the wax gives more dimension. And the cupcake paper was paper. The next one will be better.


tascha said...

YUMMY! Now I'm craving cupcakes!!!
What is "expanding paint"? Is that the puffy squeeze tube fabric paint?

BlueJude said...

The painting looks cool. Always wanted to try beeswax. (sigh) One of these days...just something else for "the list". Like the puzzle pieces too. Intriguing.

suze said...

Expandable paint is painted on, left for 30 minutes, then you apply heat to it and it expands.It's pretty funky.