Wednesday, January 23, 2008

good day...bad day? good day!

For my non motor-head friends. This is an engine with a blower on it, aka a blown engine. Engine art to me.

OK, I need to make up my mind. I'll take the good day. It started out good with the award, then I had a doctor appointment and after a painful breast exam and possibly not so good results, I was feeling down and was going to go shopping to make myself feel better. But then I told go home and do some work in the studio. So I turned the car towards home and there it was! Simple things make me happy. A '69 Camaro with a blown engine pulls out onto the road ahead of me. It was great! I stayed behind it for a while and with my window down, I sucked in the fumes of the mighty engine. Then the light turned red and I was side by side with this thing of beauty. We just passed a police with a car pulled over. The racing blood in me was boiling but I just wanted to see this car from the front, so when the light turned green , off I went. Shifting my gears, just to get ahead to view the car from the front and I did. And then he kicked it in a blew by me. I smiled all the way home.


Sharon said...

OK, I'm just not into the engine thing although I once owned and 1967 gold camero bran new..first one in town.
What's this about going to the dr? You just kinda skimmed right over that.

Hollyjennifer said...

Hey Mom, loved your story about the Camaro. I, a racehead, would have done the same and given a double thumbs up!!! :) I on the other hand had a horrible day :(

suze said...

Oh,You know I gave him a huge thumbs up! Sorry about your bad day. Tomorrow will be better:)