Monday, January 7, 2008

ink art

Continued from the bottom of the page...sorry! These hearts are cut from the disposable art below.

Here are my tools from my Sunday art. A heart punch, metal tape (used for heating or something), alcohol inks (by Tim Holtz - Ranger) and embossing plates (or anything else around the studio I could find to emboss with)

This is what I made yesterday.
They are stickers.

I never worked with alcohol inks before. It was on my to-do list and I had bought them a while ago, because I had a coupon. Well, was it ever fun. (I was supposed to be cleaning off my table) Did I ever tell you that I am the Queen of getting sidetracked? Well I am, and I am always being reminded of that. But my philosophy is if I clean it all up then I won't be able to find it again and why not just do it now? The art I mean. So I do and I don't feel guilty because I am creating. Now that I have that off my chest.....back to the art.

Another thing I do is always keep the paper that I am working on. The one under the art being made. It looks messy but when you re-use it to stamp out shapes it looks really good and you can always add on to it using rubber stamps and other embellishments. It's on the top of the page and I can't get it to come down here.
I forgot to mention that alcohol inks are used for slick surfaces such as metals and plastic's.
Well, the wheels started turning last night and I went on to use these inks on other things. I am not pushing my luck with downloading too many things at one time, soooo.......more tomorrow.


Sharon said...

Very cool, I think I have some of that tape and I have some inks although I don't those really cool colors. So I will be doing this. Your bet.
Love my post card!!!

Marc said...

Hey Suze - Sorry for not responding earlier to your email, I've been busy at work and tend not to check my work email over the weekend.

Anyway, a recipe book would be great! No rush...I'll try to send some recipes your way.

Oh, I found more boxes of the old wallpaper similar to what I sent earlier. Let me know if you are interested and I will ship it off to Oklahoma in a surry with a fringe on top.(sorry, couldn't resist.)

tascha said...

Ilove the cut-out hearts! They are so pretty!