Wednesday, May 21, 2008

blu art

One of my favorite artists, Suzi Blu was taking commissions for a short time and I jumped in and had her make a painting for me. Lot's of pinks of course. I just love it.

I love her style and her sweet faces. She adds lots of little details that you must see in person to really notice them. She starts out with woodburning and finishes with sparkly paints and irridescent stars embedded under a coating of scented beeswax. Bravo Suzi!

And here are my two black studio kitties.
It's an early Birthday present.


Joanne said...

Gorgeous...I saw this on Suzi's website, but the close-up that you provided really helps to appreciate the detail....happy birthday to you!

Dana Jones said...

i love your kitties!

Jacky said...

Very special birthday present (love the pink). What a treasure!

Your two black studio kitties are so cute.