Friday, May 30, 2008 day

I have decided that every Friday will be art day here at the pink crayon studio. I will post some form of art. This is a recent painting/collage.....she's pretty funky.
I am off to grocery shop, for some reason that takes me all day. I will be working on rag bagz this weekend, but taking time off to go and see the new Indiana Jones me some Harrison Ford.
Have a great weekend......and make some art!


kittyism said...

I really love this painting. Her face is marvelous.

Sharon said...

So pretty but I don't see funky. And I love her hair. one way on one side and different on the other. kool

Nichol Brinkman said...

great work Suze! I saw Indy a couple of days ago---fun, fun, fun,

tascha said...

I love this painting!!!
She is so pretty!
I just got back from grocery shopping too. $70 later and still nothing in the house to eat LOL!