Thursday, May 8, 2008

monopoly fun

I am using this quote from a Tim Holtz stamp as the title of my board art.

beginning stages

I first lightly gessoed the board to prep it, then added paint effects and paper embellishments.

I got this idea from the October issue of Stampington magazine....not my brain.

The magazine (I can't find it right now, it's buried under a huge pile of papers and ephemera)
has a huge painting of the girls face in the middle of the board. I chose to use a smaller photo instead.

cupcakes instead of chance....I still need to finish the cards.

.....and ideas on the other side

I still have a few finishing touches to make but this is pretty much the whole thing. I don't want to over-do it. It would be easy to do, but I am going to make another one. If you decide to make one be sure to show it to me . You can pick up used game boards at thrift stores. I got this one for $2.50. Check yards sales,too. And just have fun. Once you get started the ideas come flooding in.

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Debbie said...

That is wonderful! I absolutely love it. And it would be a great class.I picked up a few gameboards last year at a garage sale for a quarter each. They make super covers for books-cut in four squares! But to transform one like you did would be such fun! Thanks for sharing.....