Wednesday, May 28, 2008

furniture art

OK, this is what I painted last weekend. It's a chest of drawers that I keep all my little craftie things in.

I should have taken a picture before I repainted it. It was a cheesey color with green vines here and there. The new color wasn't a was a mixture of two paints I already had. It was late and I wanted to paint it NOW! I had no idea where I was going with it. I put a few napkin florals on and used the bubble wrap. Then decided to number the drawers...randomly. And finished it off with a few circles using the end of an empty paper towel roll. It's pretty funky.


Sharon said...

I'm ready to do some furniture art too. Now you need to put some really bold text on it. Well, it might look cool. It's already cool. How do you manage so much?

Marc said...

Nice chest! Umm...of drawers, that is.

I echo Sharon's sentiment - how do you manage so much? I mean, it takes me a few days just to get it together to fold the laundry. I started building a tree house about a month ago and, well, I should have the platform finished this afternoon.

suze said...

Thanks guys!
I don't know....I have my good days and bad. It's art that keeps me going!

renee b - aka paintedskywoman said...

That is a very cool piece of furniture. I always wanted a chest of drawers like this. My hope eventually is to by one of those antique wooden library card holders. I love those things and the Asian spice drawers with all the tiny little drawers to keep goodies inside.