Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

I had so much fun yesterday playing with my Monopoly board. Not playing the game, but altering it with paints and inks, papers, photo's, stickers.....let's just say anything I could find.

These are sneak peeks until I get the whole thing finished.

I'm not finished this one yet and I want to start another one.

But the scissor's here remind me that I have to get some sewing done.
More tomorrow......


Joanne said...

Hi glad you came through all the bad weather okay....can't wait to see the completion of this project...the sneak peek is killing me! I know it's going to be fabulous.

BlueJude said...

Cool beans! My son has been wanting to do the same thing. Will have to share your inspiration. Happy Tuesday!

tascha said...

Those are really cool!
Sorry you didn't win the contest yesterday :(
I know it was a bummer that someone else had the same name.
Keep trying, maybe next time!

Jacky said...

Mmmmm..... this looks interesting, I will have to come back again and see the whole project.