Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusade No.21 - Irresistible, is all about crayons so you know I have to participate in this one. You make rubbings with crayons and then paint over it for a wax resist effect. Of course I used a pink crayon! But not you everyday pink crayon. This one has glitter in it. I found it in my box of crayons and I think it belonged to one of my Grandson's when they lived with us. I chose to rub puzzle pieces.

Before using the pink crayon I tried rubbing with a copper crayon, so you can see parts of it in the background.

Here you can see the glitter more clearly.

This is the actual color of the piece. All of these are the same piece of art but photographed in different locations with different light sources. I used purple acrylic paint with varied dilutions with water.

If you hold it to the light and turn it, the copper pieces come through. A fun project. Thanks Michelle!


Sharon said...

This looks so fun. I think I'm gonna do it. And how clever of you to use puzzle pieces. But any of us would have guessed that you would use pink.

michelle ward said...

Suze - welcome to the team! Thanks for joining in on the crusade and showing us your puzzle rubbing. Great element. I didn't even notice your blog title at first - duh! OF COURSE you would use a Pink Crayon *grin*

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Suze,

I love the glittery pink ! So girlie ! The puzzle piece was a great idea. I am sure I have some of those hanging around... Thanks for sharing it !

inge said...

hello Suze,

I' also a pink person... ( in fact all the shades of purple), so when I saw your title I thought immediately this crusade is one for you !!

Where did you get that glittery crayon? i didn't know those crayons existed !

Your rubbings are colorful and the idea of the puzzelpieces is fun !

Inge ( from belgium)

Becci said...

I enjoyed your crusade #21 post! I'm thinking you had a fun time doing it too! I'm amazed at how many neat ideas there are to get rubbings!

Have a great hair day! Becci

JeriAnn said...

Aren't the glitter crayons great? I found one and went nuts with it. Such fun! And using puzzle pieces is such a clever idea. Is thinking outside the box what "think pink" really means?

Anonymous said...

Puzzle pieces...COOL!!!!! What an awesome idea.

Anonymous said...

Suze - Hadn't thought of puzzle pieces - though I use them for other things. Will have to pull some out. Also love the pink glitter crayon. - Nicki

Mya said...

I have something for you on my blog for you and I posted pics of my beautiful new Tags. Stop By when you can.