Tuesday, June 3, 2008

movie art

We went to see the new Indiana Jones movie last weekend and what a treat! The movie theater that is.....it was soooo awesome! It is an old theater that was revamped in the old theater style. They have doormen with white gloves to open the door for you. The seats are super padded and comphy.....and they rock...no really they recline and you can rock in them. There is a grand auditorium and balconies you can have dinner served to you while you watch the movie.(next time) They also have the beautiful curtains on the extra large screens that go up and down when the movie starts and ends....just like the old days. But what impressed us most was the sound! It was THX sound and blew us away. DH is not much for going to the movies but he is ready to go back. Oh, and there is a fireplace in the lobby.
The morning glories are starting to climb.


Marc said...

Absolutely beautiful theater. I'd go there to see a bad movie.

I like the new header!

debbie musick said...

The new header is awesome! I love it....And I received the most outrageous bag from my sister last night! A Suze Original & I love it. You are such an artist! Thank you. Martha had someting I picked up for you & forgot to give it to you. Next time you go to the store, ask her for YOUR prize!

suze said...

Thanks for the header thumbs up. And Debbie, I am so glad that you love your bag!