Monday, February 1, 2010


We drove this road to Target yesterday...

...not a good was a total sheet of ice.
We made it home safely but did manage to crash into our own garage door.
No damage to the car...just the door.

But I had to get my 3-D glasses for the Grammy's.

This is the field behind my house.

We had freezing fog and drizzle.
It makes these incredible spiky icicles.

...they are kind of creepy.

I am hoping my trees survive this abuse from Mother Nature.
Today was a waste because we lost I pulled the couch up next to the fireplace and caught up on reading. I tried painting but didn't have enough light. Everything I wanted to do required electricity....something I tend to take for granted until I lose it.
The good's back on and DH brought home a pizza for dinner.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you lost power, but very glad it came back quickly. We didn't even have a blink so I'm very grateful. Stay warm and safe!!


oldblackcatboo said...

LOL! Sorry! I couldn't help but laugh because NOTHING keeps me out of Target either!
Beautiful photos.
Sorry about you losing power! 2 summers ago the whole town here lost power for 3 days! It was unbelieveable how much you depend on electricity!

Susan said...

Ohh, we are supposed to get sleet and freezing rain Tuesday, keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we keep power. Glad you didn't damage any of those cool vehicles. Take care.

debbie musick said...

I am definitely tired of the snow and ice. I am weanting to get out and see people.I am hoping for MHF on Sunday! Really missing you!

LadyTulip said...

We are getting out of our storm that landed keerrrploop over the weekend - Tom couldn't work yesterday 'cause o/ice on the interstate on we have rain, and for once I'm glad to see it!

Sorry about your icy & scary ride to Target ~ Hope the goodies you wanted were there!

Stay Warm! ~ Here's a dance for the elec. to stay on!!


Rella said...

I am so sorry you were without power for so long. It IS hard to do the things you love when there is no light, or power. The photos, however, are stunning..the spikes, the glass bubbles on the trees and bushes. Gorgeous.

xox Rella