Monday, February 15, 2010

hello monday

For Valentine's day....
.....I made my sweetie a painting.

...most people in my family (that want one) have a city scape painting.
This is my scape for DH because he is a surfer dude....
....and loves the beach.

close up of the right

close up of the left

...this is his surf shop.

There are no tropical trees because it's an East coast beach!

Happy Presidents Day!


Susan said...

How original! I'm sure that he loved it.

Rella said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What?!!!! Is there no end to what you can do my friend??? Holy Moly that is a fab piece. He must be over the moon for it. Love it and I have to go back in and look again. I just makes me smile.

Ohhhhh, and that fat doll........she doesn't look very fat to me!! lolol
Adorable, however, yes.

xox Rella