Friday, February 5, 2010

random friday....

Valentine's are finished and sent.

YAY! It's Friday....

....getting out while the getting is good!

...before the next shipment of icy goodness? arrives.

Have a great weekend!!


Mary said...

I really like those valentines.

Rella said...

Oh dear heart!!! What a delightful little quiltlet hanging on an adorable hanger came in the post to me from YOU, YOU, YOU!!! How I love it and already have it hanging in a special spot in my nest. I will share this with you..on my blog before the weekend ends. I have left the OHOW as the front page long enough!! Thank you for such a lovely prize for my determined and even annoying persistence at guessing what those little thingies were!!

Much love xox Rella

Susan said...

As you may remember, I love hearts and yours are lovely.

fairbluemoon said...

I really love your Valentines! Super cool! I'm heading to my studio to make some Valentines right now. Thanks for the inspiration and always sharing your beautiful work.


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Debbie said...

Your ahead of me on the valentine cards! These are precious. Have a good Sunday!