Wednesday, August 11, 2010


quad shot
You would think that my state of frustration would stem from all the packing and stress from the upcoming move...not!
It's from my so called foot Doctor...
He took x rays and told me he would call the next day before leaving for his vacation.
He never called.
I show up for my next appointment and he walks in like I'm a new patient and asks what can he do for me.
So I hold up my foot with the giant air cast boot he put me in...hello?
Then he asks "what did you do?"
What I wanted to do was (not very nice) put that boot somewhere and wake him up.
So he goes to get my x rays and walks into another room and sees another patient!
He never did give me the x ray results and told me I need physical therapy at least 3 days a week...and sends me on my way.
What about the boot? It's up to you he says...wear it or not.
Next I go for a second says I did not tear my Achilles tendon and recommends me to a bone doctor.
Bone doc says I have a Haglund's Deformity and I need something for pain until I decide to have it surgically removed.
Being a transplant patient I cannot take anti inflammatory they call my nephrologist and he's on vacation in Canada!
I need his OK and he has been back since Monday and no one will call me back and let me know if I can use this pain patch. I have called every day and I'm still waiting......
Well this has been a very long post for me...thanks for letting me get this off my chest.
I am now going back to the land of Military doctors.
Happy Wednesday!
(May it be pain free for all.)


Sharon said...

That's awful! You have a right to be frustrated. Why didn't you scream at one of them?

priti.lisa said...

Poor Suze!
I always say doctors will kill you faster than they cure you...
Now what do you do?
Walk on your hands to the next appt.

Maura said...

Oh Dear..... does your first doc have alzheimers? And the second one? What the heck! This is why I have sworn off modern medicine. First, they use only medicine.... what's with that? Nothing to do now but pray I think.... Ok, will do..... Hope the military docs are better (is that a long shot?) XOXOX

Susan said...

You certainly have a right to vent. All this is ridiculous. Hang in there!

angel said...

Oh how I hate doctors like that. He does not deserve to be one. Hope that there are no more doctors like him.