Thursday, August 5, 2010

more work to do...

Now that I have packed up what seems like 100's of boxes and bins and it is over 100...DH tells me we need to put our names on each of them. Are you kidding me?!
Just when I thought I could relax a little and get my shower curtain made.

I have a solution...I have many address labels that I won't be able to use anymore...and my name is on them. Now instead of tossing them in the recycle bin...I will put them to good use and save my fingers from all that writing.

Here are the other shots of the toolbox.
Side view....

...the back

And the top.
Can't tell you how many boxes of torn scrappy pieces of collage papers I have packed. Just couldn't part with them. These boxes aren't light...but look at all the fun I will have when I unpack.

Have a happy...whatever day this is!


Susan said...

What a clever use for the old address labels. I will try to remember this tip. Hang in there and take an occasional beverage break when packing!

angel said...

Good thing that you had remember using those. You had save your time and effort. Thumbs up!