Monday, August 30, 2010

made it

Made it...
...not art.
not yet...
....but in the new home and getting settled in.
The cats behaved perfectly on the journey.
I'll post a pic of my new studio to be....lots of work to do.
Just wanted to touch base and let you know all is well.
I'm itching to make art and sew but the only thing I am painting right now are walls and the only thing I am sewing is curtains...boring!


Sharon said...

You came to my mind over the weekend. I'm happy to hear you made it.


You just have a different canvas ... enjoy being creative in your new abode.

Rella said...

Oh drop me an e-mail my friend and tell me what the address is. faerieluna at cox dot net.

So happy to know you are settling in your new home. Ahhhhhhh the smell of new wood.

xox Rella

debbie said...

I am so glad you are getting settled. It seems so strange to think of you way over there--Good luck with the new nesting--watch out for Earl!Can't wait to see pics of new home! And the new inspirations.

LadyTulip said...

Yay ~ ! ~ Isn't moving Fun?? ~ ' don't have to answer right away..!! Glad All of you made the journey in one piece - No easy trick!! Get yourself settled in, then show us some new creations ~ !! ~ Oh, an' watch out for that fun storm Earl (we are down here..ick!)


Francy said...

glad you made it nice and safe. Hope Earl dosen't mess with you very much.

I look forward to seeing your new studio.