Friday, August 6, 2010

random friday

Random week away.
Next Friday will be frazzled friday....
...movers everywhere and me running around
like a crazy person (no comments plz).
And then the 3 day....
...500 miles a day...
...trek in two cars with 2 frazzled cats!
Yea...I looking forward to that.
Any helpful travel hints?
I never traveled with animals before.
We will have to pack our lunches...
...I just hope they don't freak out too much.
This is their first move.
Anyway...Have a great weekend!


LadyTulip said...

I moved one time with the kids and a 75 pound red-bone coonhound..connecticut to S. is best to take it as carefully as you can - animals stress out in a vehicle if their not used to it - check on them regularly an' especially since it is summer, make doubly sure they have plenty of water. You'll make it - I promise you ~ !! ~ Hugs for the upcoming journey ~ !! ~


Rella said...

I have a co-worker that buys a de-sress spray at the pet store that she says works really well with her cat. They take the cat on trips and camping. Good luck on the whole adventure.

xox Rella

suze said...

Thanks everyone for the tips and e-mails.
That spray sounds like a good idea.
Going to look for some today.

Maura said...

cATS IN cRATEs..... that's all I have to say..... been there, done it.... but only for 75 miles. Without crates, they will be under the seats and you will not be able to get them out..... Please Don't Go...... (can't help begging....)

Bethany said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hiya! I happened across your blog by clicking "next" and I'm glad I did. I've really enjoyed reading many of your posts :)

Anonymous said...

Please be sure you have a leash and harness on each animal at all times. A collar with your cell phone number too. They can get away so quickly. A leash is often easier to grab than a uncooperative, frightened, wee wild animal. I've enjoyed your blog for a while now. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you have an uneventful trip. Gail, at

Francy said...

When we have to travel long distance with our cats I put them in a small dog kennel. That way they can have a small desposable litter box and water puls plenty of room to move around.

One of my cats LOVE to "sing" the whole time in the car. If yours does that you may need to take a calming agent!

Have a safe trip!

angel said...

I have tried traveling with a puppy and it behaved well. The only thing that annoys me is that sometimes, he stinks.