Wednesday, August 4, 2010

recipe box love...

...remember all the recipe boxes I used for organization?
Well ...I finally had to pack them up.
But I photographed them all...close up.
And since I am not able to make any art (wah!)
I will show one each day until we leave.
I am happy to see that I have sparked a creative interest in some of you arting up your tool boxes.
For some reason it was very hard to get good shots of it...but I will show some other angles of it.
Dang, I forgot I need to upload the pic's first. So I will show them here tomorrow.
My brain is like oatmeal these days...too much going on. I needed to write my address on something last week and I couldn't remember it. I filled out all the rest of the form and came back to it and ...blank. Then I couldn't remember where I lived!Geez! Then I finally got a vision of my house and I remembered. It was a scary moment.

So much to little time!
Nine days until the movers come.
Having lunch with my friends today.
(Franc I came to see you last weren't there
and Debbie ...where are you? We need to get together for lunch before I go.
I am missing you both!)
Happy Wednesday wishes!



Love your colorful boxes.... just hang in there ... you will get through all the hoops.

angel said...

Too many recipe box. Can you share some?