Wednesday, February 6, 2008

clean slate

Here it is. The work table is cleared ( I can't believe it either) I was going to paint the top but instead, I laid a bunch of my college papers on top and covered that with a thick clear plastic sheet. Topped off with a quote from Picasso. It works great.
This is the back of an envelope from today's studio work. It's pink but the lighting was bad when I took the photo. My friend Jan came over today for a "play-date" in the studio. She wanted me to show her how to make greeting cards. She had a good time and made several cards including one for her husband's birthday which is tomorrow. I created my Valentine's.

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Marc said...

Incredible sunset picture the other day!

Your envelopes are great! You should sell them in chic boutiques or develop a website and sell custom made envelopes (and cards?).