Friday, February 29, 2008

happy leap day

I tried a new technique on the front of an artered book (above) I embroidered the flower on my sewing machine then cut it out and glued it to the front of the book. I then covered it with hot wax and sealed it with a Mod Podge made for hard surfaces like furniture. It looks better in person.

Last week was my bowling buddy & fellow quilter, Jan's birthday. I made her a pin cushion like this one but forgot to take a picture before gifting it to her. But it was similar to this one but the fabric had spools on it and she had brown funky hair. DH asked if it was a voodoo doll.
What is that little picture in the upper corner? I don't know why it turned up in that spot and I can't move it but anyway.....I got an idea from Nichol's blog. She made 30 pillow monsters in 30 days, so I thought I would take March and show a little photo each day of the month of something in my studio. Anyone else care to play along?
One last note on yesterday's blog about painting your shoes. I know that most people understand the concept but I need to clarify that proper measures must be made to do this process. First the shoes should be made of leather. You need to clean them even if they are brand new, with an acetone cleaner. Use a good quality acrylic paint, at least 2 coats and then you need to seal them with a couple coats of good quality waterproof sealer.
A friend of my daughter's liked my shoes and said if I can paint my shoes she can paint hers. Well, she used spray paint on canvas shoes without any prep and then bowled in a tournament and was leaving streaks of blue paint all over the lanes. It was a total disaster. BUT she was not an artist.
Have a great weekend and remember only 20 Days until Spring!!

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