Saturday, February 2, 2008

new project for a good cause

Would you like to become a PINK artist? I think you can click on the button for the info. But I am new at this stuff so just in case that dosen't work here is the site to go to. www.girl-gone-thread
It's a fun little project to benefit breast cancer. So I hope you will check it out and join us.
Health update....YAY! I am almost all better and I got out of the house today!!!!
Thanks again for all the get well wishes.

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girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Hi Suze, so glad to have you participating with us! :) The pic with attached html can be found on the left side of my blog under "pink artist button" but by no means do you have to go changing a thing on this post, looks lovely! Thank you. Please be sure to have your square to me by March 1. Feel free to choose any colors you wish to create in, the idea is to have your square represent you as an artist. :)

here is the sign up post for anyone interested:

It is so wonderful to be working with you on this project! xo, Monica