Sunday, April 20, 2008

chicken out!

chicken....... it's what's for dinner.

I read a quote somewhere that said "Food is art you can eat" OK, I'll go for that one.

A busy weekend here. Starting the old spring cleaning. I have been weeding out stuff I need to get rid of and planning a yard sale sometime in the future. Someone in my neighborhood was having a sale and put signs up, so I gathered my stuff and put it out and sold most of it and yay! it's done.

Now I need to wash some windows and maybe finish painting the fence (from last year) I know, it's art studio Sunday, I will try to work in some art (I am in sewing mode) if I have some energy left.


sUz said...

hi sUze!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - glad to have discovered you!

iN jOy,

Ms Dragonfly said...

that doesn't look like chicken. i thought it was something slimmy like a snail, lol :)

suze said...

Sorry, it was on the grill. Guess it wasn't done yet.

Sharon said...

I'm starving right now and this didn't help.