Thursday, April 17, 2008

a few dolls

I am showing a few dolls by request. I don't have many of my own doll's and I never took photo's of them so they are few. Winter kitty - above.

A couple of Christmas angels.

Frost-tee, made from cotton batting.

I specialize in angel doll's. This one has copper wings.

Tomorrow I will try to post the art doll that was in Art Doll Quarterly magazine. As for today, it's my creative stamping class so I need to get going and gather all my class supplies. You know, chocolate and kits, and chocolate, and prizes....and chocolate.

Tomorrow is junque mail beauty!!!


Sailors Ravine Studio said...

Love these dolls, very cute. The fabric on the angel doll is great, did you "write" star on the fabric?, either way the placement of the word is nice.

suze said...

I didn't write it, it was printed on the fabric.
Thank you.