Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a couple pages

Update: Storms here weren't so bad.
Here are a couple pages of a special book card I made for someone.
Gotta run.....it's bowling day.


Sandra said...

Both pages are just beautiful. thanks soo much for answering my fiber attachment question : ) glad the storms weren't that bad. hope you had a terrific bowling nite : )
Love & blessings, Sandra in AZ

Mo'a said...

Lucky person who receives this beautiful art.

suze said...


Debbie said...

Do I see another class in the future? That book must be amazing...those two pages are just wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

tascha said...

Love the art!
Hey, what kind of bowling do you do? Five pin or ten?
I love five pin. Five pin might be more of a Canadian thing though..

suze said...

Tascha, I have never heard of 5 pin bowling. I bowl ten pins. In MD they have duck pins, you get three balls instead of two and the pins and balls are smaller but it's harder to do. I have also tried candle pins up North,also harder to do. The ball is smaller than duck pin but the pins are big.
So I think you are right- it must be a Canadian thing.

suze said...

Debbie, Could be a class! It would be so much fun.