Monday, April 7, 2008

a little birdie

A little bird told me yesterday to skip the art and work in the yard. And I had to because the weather was right (a the yard was in despare). The temps were good...I can't take the heat. And in my mind in early spring there shouldn't be a lot of heat. And I can't be in the sun either, sooo....
I weeded and planted some flowers and of course they were PINK!
DH is home battening down the hatches for tonight's big storm. They are predicting baseball size hail. That's just wrong!

Tomorrow will be some art....I promise.

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Citygirl-Em said...

I love your Harley cat...the photo is too much! The table leg makes him seem like he has a very long, curvey tail!

I have a blackie, too...they are great, aren't they?