Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I love the look of this raw edge quilt. I believe this is a close up of a flower.

Do you see the beauty of this dying flower? I was eating dinner and I looked at these flowers and thought OMG look at the texture! I like it better this way.

Oops! This picture is sideways but you can still see the texture. I put tons of texture in my rag bagz.


BlueJude said...

People have thought I'm nuts, but I too, think some flowers are just beautiful when decaying. Cool beans! Happy Wednesday!

Joanne said...

oh wow! Gorgeous - love the colors and the texture..yum!

ArtyEm said...

such amazing colors and textures - thanks so much for sharing these!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


At first picture I started to drool...then I felt heART palpitations. -melt melt-

Gawd, I'm HAPPY I caught htis post. Going to see what else I missed out on...

(love the bag ragz, made sumthin called rag tagz in the past, great fun)

Art on and upwards, Monica :):):)

Sharon said...

Hey, the dying flower looks like the inspiration for the quilted flower. Oh and the dying flower thing...I do that too. Keep em till they shed when I pass by.