Friday, August 8, 2008

fabric art friday

The talented Lola Jenkins made this quilted portrait of me!
She was featured at the winter quilt show in downtown Oklahoma City this year. Her quilts are phenomenal. You may remember I wrote about her at that time. How this came about....we were attending the same class and (we were asked to bring photo's with us to class) and she saw mine and asked if she could have one to make a quilt. I said sure! And this is what she made.
Now when I get some free time I am challenging myself to make a self fabric.
rain last night and some cooler temps
Now I am scaring myself. A couple weeks ago I did a rain dance and it rained. Yesterday the grocery guy asked how I was and I said I wish we could get some rain and no lie! a couple seconds went by and it started to sprinkle! Why didn't I do this a week ago?
aRtFull weekend to all!

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zorana said...

What an amazing quilt! I didn't think it was fabric until I read your post. Isn't it cool having your portrait in fabric? We'll call you the Rain Woman from now on...