Tuesday, August 12, 2008

new news

Today she is shouting HooRaY! for Jacky!
Jacky won my drawing from last week for my 300th post.
An artsy package will be headed to Australia.
This is a preview of tomorrow's art that I made yesterday.
It's an art book with pages made from newspaper.

a new bag
It's beachy and has flamingo's on the other side.
Can't show it all...have to go mail it out.


Sharon said...

Yea for Jacky.
Love the bag.
When do we get to see the flamingo side?

debbie musick said...

I absolutely love that laughing lady--she makes me giggle every time you have her in your blog! I thought she also might be saying YiPee for 80 degree mornings!
And the new bag. ooo-la-la! I want to see the other side. Flamingos are the funniest birds.
When do you find the time to do all these artsy things. There just aren't enough hour in my day.