Wednesday, August 27, 2008

what's artful today?

My artful mess!

Yep, I will be cleaning this up today. Sharon thought she had a mess on her desk. Not to one-up her or anything BUT she's got nothing on this mess. But it is an artful mess, so it shows signs that I have been very busy...right? But the rag bagz orders are rolling in and I must get crack-a-lackin on those.

a couple of new ATC's
They are already headed to their new home.

Happy Anniversary to Holly and George!!


Marc said...

Damn right! Show me an artist with a clean well organized studio and I'll show you the one person who couldn't draw Skippy. (It was Skippy, wasn't it? You know, the cute little animal you could draw and get into some sketchy mail order art school?)

Ok, I gotta go. I think my mail order X-Ray glasses have just arrived!

suze said...

Yes, I think I drew Skippy in the fifth grade or something.
Oh, I have artist friends that are neat and tidy (and great art makers) but no desire to draw poor old Skippy.

k2aunt said...

hey momster .. you forget about joe and i's anniversary ?

suze said...

No Bran, I sent you guys a card with a check. I thought you got it.
Posting was just what I thought of at the time. Happy Anniversary!

HollyJennifer said...

Thanks Mom! The first name I thought of when I saw your muse that needed a nickname was, why not Nick? Duh, but I guess Art would be more appropriate. Love, Hol